Kansas Security Force group distancing itself from bomb suspects

Published: Oct. 17, 2016 at 6:36 PM CDT
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The three suspects behind a plot to bomb an apartment complex and mosque are part of a militia group called the "Kansas Security Force," according to investigators.

A Facebook search brings you several different groups with "Kansas Security Force" in its name. The largest group has more than 500 members on it's Facebook page, and a leader of that group says they don't condone violence, or breaking the law.

"We want to help our law enforcement officers any way we can," said Ben Harper from Cherryvale, in a text message.

The group has posted social media, denying any connection with the suspects, saying, "Before any rumors or labeling starts. The Kansas Security Force (crusaders) mentioned in the media is not this Group."

Group member Dawn Henry is from south of Pratt, and she says the group is distancing itself from the three suspects.

"We have no intention of violence," she said via phone.

She says she has talked with two of the suspects before - Patrick Stein and Curtis Allen - and likely connected with them through the Facebook group. But she says the conversations never included violence.

"Never. Never anything anything like that. That's why it floored me. I was like I can't believe it," Henry said.

She says the group is about restoring and maintaining the values of the constitution, helping neighbors, and survival training, in case of a natural disaster or major attack.

"For instance, if something was to happen, like an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack over the state of Kansas," she said.

Henry says all tax-paying american citizens, including Muslims, are welcome to join.

"It doesn't mater what your religion, what color, if you're pink, purple, green, brown, it doesn't matter," Henry said.

Haper said via text that there are several Kansas Security Groups across Kansas, calling it a "loosely aligned alliance."