Kansas Turnpike toll prices increasing beginning in October

Published: Jul. 19, 2018 at 6:05 AM CDT
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The drive along the Kansas Turnpike will cost a little more come fall.

The Kansas Turnpike Authority approved a budget for the new fiscal year that includes a five-percent toll increase for electronic-paying personal vehicles, and a 12.5 percent hike for drivers paying cash.

The percentages are approximate, with cash fares, for example being rounded to the nearest quarter.

“KTA receives no tax funding. With user fees supporting the roadway, it is especially important that customers be satisfied with our performance,” KTA CEO Steve Hewitt said. “About 60 percent of travelers now use an electronic transponder like K-TAG to pay for tolls rather than using cash.”

Starting Oct. 1, the drive from the east Topeka toll plaza to Kansas city will cost $3.50 cash (up from $3 right now), and $2.55 for electronic payment, like K-TAG (up from $2.40).

The cash toll from east Topeka to the Wichita-Kellogg Ave. exit will be $8.50, $6.30 with K-TAG, up from $7.50 and $6 respectively.

KTA says the increases will allow for maintenance and safety improvements.

“(A) modest toll adjustment is necessary to pay for preservation and modernization projects using cash on hand rather than issuing new debt," said Kent Olson, KTA’s Director of Finance. "With this adjustment, KTA will increase the discount for its more efficient electronic toll collection program."