Kansas churches use prayer, signs to cheer on the Chiefs

Published: Jan. 29, 2020 at 4:07 PM CST
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Some Kansas churches are hoping to connect people using both religion and sports.

Kingman United Methodist Church says it's no longer a secret who its cheering for. The church has invited its congregation to "huddle" at 10:30 a.m. before Super Bowl LIV on Sunday.

"MENTIONS IN THE BIBLE: CHIEFS-183 49ERS-0 WE DON'T CHEER ON GOLD DIGGERS HERE!" Reads a sign in front of the church.

My hometown Methodist Church! 👍🏻 #Chiefs #Kingman

Posted by Steve Dixon on Wednesday, January 29, 2020

"Our Father, who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy Chiefs kingdom come thy will be done on Earth and in Miami," reads a sign in front of Asbury United Methodist Church in Prairie Village.

The church held a healing service for quarterback Patrick Mahomes when he injured his ankle earlier this season. Now, it's putting a twist on prayer the congregation recites every Sunday.

"We kind of thought about the Lord's Prayer and we kind of thought about what do we pray for in the Lord's Prayer and we pray for God's will be done," said Rev. Lee Johnson.

The church also put a sign the Royals back 2014, and the team won seven games in a row. The sign said, "We've been praying for the Royals, you are welcome."