Kansas City workers protest for higher minimum wage

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KWCH) Hundreds gathered in Kansas City yesterday to send a message about raising the minimum wage.

Many residents want the minimum wage increased to $15 an hour.

Earlier in August, lawmakers in Kansas City approved a minimum wage increase but a new state law stopped it from going into effect.

The law says the local government can't require a wage that's higher than the state's minimum.

Yesterday, workers walked out of their jobs to take part in the strike.

They are also looking for a union to help them.

Fran Marion says, "A union would help us a voice on our job. it would help us little people be heard, better health care, women to have the same pay as men or at least, bridge that pay gap to where we can be equal to men, paid maternity leave, the union is very key as well."

Kansas city was not the only place workers were rallying for better wages.

Workers in Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles also went on strike for better wages.