Kansas school district already sees benefits of increased funding

School districts say they're already seeing benefits of increased school funding.

Over the summer, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that the state was sufficiently funding its schools after lawmakers passed a $90 million dollar budget increase.

Clint Schutte, the assistant superintendent for business and finance for USD 261 says Haysville hired 26 new staff members for the 2019-2020 school year. He says the addition of 11 teachers and 15 classified staff members was only possible because of the funding increase.

Schutte says it's a growing district, and the Haysville district knows it will need new buildings and more teachers in the future.

He says while he will continue to fight for more money, he says the district is doing the best it can with what it has.

"Kansas as far as student performance we are making great headway. Our students are doing very well. Funding is still on the lower end. I would like to see an increase in that because there’s just more we could do. While our students are doing well if we had some additional funding we might be the top," Schutte says.

He engages in conversations with lawmakers. He encourages anyone with concerns about school funding to talk to lawmakers directly.