Kansas electors flooded with emailed pleas to not vote for Trump

Published: Nov. 27, 2016 at 10:37 PM CST
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More than two weeks after the presidential election, Kansas electors are getting flooded with emails and mailers from people across the country - all begging them to not cast their vote for President-elect Donald Trump.

Trump won Kansas with 57 percent of the popular vote, which means when the electoral college casts their ballots on December 19th, all six of Kansas' votes should, in theory, go to Trump.

But electors are getting inundated with requests they abandon tradition.

Two electors who live in Wichita say they've each received 27,000 emails from all over the United States asking them to vote for Hillary Clinton, or anyone other than Trump.

That means it's not a good time to reach elector Kelly Arnold by email. He's also the Kansas Republican Party Chair.

"When you're getting 4,000-5,000 emails a day, I can't even keep up," Arnold said. "It's been interesting," he said.

State Rep Mark Khars is an elector too. Their inboxes and mailboxes are getting flooded.

"I got 30-40 letters this week," Arnold said.

"I have 27,000 unopened emails," Khars said. "It really caught me off guard. I had no idea I was going to get all these emails," he said.

The constitution requires 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. The emailers hope to get enough electors turn their backs on Trump before the December 19th vote.

Trump's official tally is 290 electoral votes, to Clinton's 232. But count in Michigan's 16 electoral votes (the state's popular vote went to Trump by a 0.3 percent margin and could be looking at a recount) and Trump has 306 electoral votes. That would mean 37 electors would need to deflect for Trump for the effort to move forward.

Much of the traffic in Arnold's inbox comes from websites that allow people to mass email electors, like, which emails about 130 electors at a time.

Some requests are more personal addressed by hand, and signed.

"The whole concept for most of them is she (Clinton) won the popular vote," Arnold said.

Despite the torrent of desperate pleas, the electors say the effort isn't going to work.

"I will not be swayed, I am the chairman of the Kansas Republican Party, I would be tarred and feathered," Arnold said.

"I think the chances of that are zero. I don't think it's going to happen. I think it's a wild waste of time, a lot of emails spam," Khars said. "I am happy and proud to vote for Donald Trump."

Most states have laws that bind electors to voting for the candidate that won the popular vote in their state. Kansas does not - Arnold says that's one reason why electors here are seeing such a high volume of those emails.

Kansas' six electors will travel to Topeka on Dec. 19th to cast their votes.