Kansas farmer worries lack of rain may impact crops

Published: May. 13, 2018 at 9:38 PM CDT
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A Clearwater farmer says the wheat season wasn't great, and the next few months look bad too. Conditions for wheat have not been ideal, and he'll have to collect insurance just to cover the costs of planting it.

Clearwater farmer Max Tjaden says they haven't seen enough moisture since they planted wheat last fall.

"You just go on," says Tjaden. "You do it because you like it. You're hoping you're gonna make some money, but this is one of the years you won't."

Tjaden says he'll collect insurance, which won't make him a profit, but it will almost cover the costs for planting his wheat.

"It can get worse," he said. "Let me put it that way. From what we have between now and harvest, it can get worse."

What farmers need now is more moisture and moderate temperatures. Tjaden says many farmers double crop using soybean and milo.

Tjaden says those production crops don't look promising either.

"We're just in a predicament because the dollars are going to be less than what you really need to make a profit and to continue on optimistically, even for the crops we're going to plant it does no good because it looks like it's going to turn into a really dry spring. There wasn't much in April, moisture wise. May isn't looking much better, so yea, that's a concern there."