Kansas heat keeps HVAC companies busy

"This year it seemed to have gone right to 90 degree weather which is really hard on the heating/air conditioning systems." says John Hislop, owner of Aire Serve of North Wichita.

For him, and many other HVAC technicians, this summer has already been a busy one.

"Normally the stuff we're seeing now is July timeframe, when we really step up to the heat. But this year with the humidity and the warmth we've had it's just stepped up quicker."

That means a backlog of calls for service to fix overheating units.

"We're catching up. Right now we're probably only four days out. Some companies are a week or more." he says.

The most common problem, Hislop says could easily be solved by routine maintenance.

"Simply having someone come out - a reputable company - and service it by cleaning it, washing it, checking the pressures on it - that would prevent probably 50% of the service calls right now."

But there are some things homeowner's can do to prevent problems, too.

"A simple one that a lot of people don't think about is when they're cutting the grass. So many people cut the grass and they blow the clippings right on the AC and they won't understand how much is in there from just one clipping vs a whole summer's worth of clippings, so they lose efficiency by the end of the summer."

He says keeping shrubbery away from units so they get good airflow, and even providing a little shade for them can help - but there's a simple, but often neglected fix inside your home that can go a long way, too.

"Unfortunately we find a lot of homes with filters like these. They just neglect the filter for some reason."

Every three months, a new filter can help keep the AC from overheating, and save you some money.

"The minimum cost when you overheat one of these is gonna be 180 dollars to replace the part that overheats. So just by neglecting that one time spend to maintain it, you're gonna cost yourself actually a years worth of service on the unit."