Kansas high school receives Helping Hand for giving student a lifetime memory

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CLIFTON-CLYDE, Kansas We saw some great plays this past football season and some even better moments. One of those moments happened on Friday night September 22nd.

It was homecoming night for Clifton-Clyde as they faced Rural Vista.

In football, touchdowns are common and teams celebrate accordingly, but on that night there was a touchdown that garnered even more celebration.

The reason behind that touchdown run is why Eyewitness News and DeVaugn James Injury Lawyers decided to lend Clifton-Clyde athletic program, a helping hand.

Scoring a touchdown in a game is a big deal for an athlete. Scoring your first touchdown as a senior makes it even better.

If that wasn't enough, on this night, Ian Bergstrom was also crowned homecoming King.

"Just for that night I thought it would be pretty cool to run him on a touchdown," said Clifton-Clyde Head Football Coach Russ Steinbrock.

Before every game Steinbrock plans and tries to prepare his team for the opponent. But his preparation for the game against Rural Vista was a little different.

He called their head coach to see if they could set something up to let Ian run the ball. A phone call to the opposing team, laying out a specific play, does not usually happen.

But because Ian has down syndrome, Steinbrock wanted to see of Rural Vista would allow the play. He did, and for everyone, on and off the field, it was a special moment.

"We could all tell he really enjoyed it and so I thought it was pretty cool and I think he thought it was pretty cool. He'll remember it," said one of Ian's teammates.

"People will remember that play for years to come more than who won or loss that game," said Steinbrock.

Steinbrock had the run posted on the team's Facebook page. It went viral, reminding the world what sports is all about.

Because of their example, KWCH 12 and DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers decided to give the Clifton-Clyde athletic program $1,200.

"That is awesome. Thank you very much," said Steinbrock. "We're a small school, budgets are always tight. Our football team, we're constantly doing fundraisers like that to purchase things, just kind of stay on the cutting edge of new things, so yeah, $1,200 would be awesome. We can definitely use that."

Athletic Director Kieran Wurtz got to meet Dustin DeVaugn and receive the $1,200 check. He says the plan is to put the money toward their weight room.

"We loved how you put a smile on Ian Bergrstram's face. Keep up the good work," said DeVaugn. "Thank you very much," said Wurtz.

"We weren't doing it to try to get any attention or anything like that. We just felt like it's his senior year," said Steinbrock. "We want to do something special for Ian."