Kansas law protecting Good Samaritans now in effect

Published: Jun. 23, 2018 at 12:33 PM CDT
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Kansas is now among more than a dozen states giving legal immunity to good samaritans who rescue people or pets from hot vehicles.

That law took effect on July 1. Here's what it means...

If you notice a child, vulnerable adult or a pet inside a hot vehicle, you want to make sure the person or animal is in distress.

Of course, make sure there aren't any unlocked doors.

Call 911 and give them your location.

At that point, you can go to a side window furthest from the person inside and break it.

The organization says the front and back windshields are not made to be broken for safety reasons, so don't try to break those.

Side windows are much easier to break. You can take a rock or a crowbar and smash the bottom corner of the window, that's the weakest part. Then, unlock the door to get the person out.

Then wait for emergency crews to arrive.

While you're doing that, get the person or animal into a cooler place with some water, if possible.

Following these steps will keep you from being liable for the damage to the vehicle.

The KDHE says on average, 37 children and more than three dozen animals die in a hot car each year in the United States.

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