Kansas lawmakers approve mental health program for students

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) Kansas legislators have approved a pilot program to team up schools and community mental health centers to treat some of the state's most at-risk children.

The plan was proposed in the House and was folded into a bill that legislators approved early Sunday to increase spending on public schools.

It calls for setting aside $10 million to treat and track two pre-selected groups of children in six districts across the state.

The availability of mental health treatment across the county has come under scrutiny in the aftermath of mass school shootings, most recently the February attack in Parkland, Florida.

Supporters say that by partnering with clinics, schools have access to trained mental health professionals they wouldn't otherwise. Some mental health advocates say $10 million is too little money.

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4/8/2018 12:27:55 PM (GMT -5:00)