Man encounters bobcat during Kansas hunting trip

OSBORNE COUNTY, Kan. (KWCH) Joseph Sumpter was perched in a tree waiting to take a shot at some local deer, but what he encountered was much different.

"This bobcat was coming up behind me and he was interested enough in me that he came up to get a closer look," said Sumpter.

He says he was hunting on some of his family's land in Osborne County when he encountered the big cat. Although Sumpter says he has seen the animals on trail cameras before, he had never seen one in person.

"This is my first time that I've gotten to see a live bobcat so it was real exciting for me to see," he said.

Sumpter captured the encounter on his cell phone and posted the video to Facebook.

You can see in the video the bobcat curiously gazing up at where Sumpter is perched. Sumpter says he believes the cat didn't initially see him, but was attracted by the deer antlers he had tied to his tree stand.

"When he got really close to the tree, I heard him jump and claw at the tree," recalls Sumpter.

That's when the hunter stood up and made himself known to the big kitty.

"It was an interesting thing to me that we both respected each others' space and got to go on with our lives unharmed," he said.

Sumpter says the coolest experience he gained from the ordeal (aside from encountering a live bobcat in Kansas) was seeing others' reactions to his post on Facebook.

"I'm really glad I was able to share that with people."