Kansas mower company weighs in on impact from tariffs

Published: Jul. 5, 2018 at 4:12 PM CDT
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A truck load of steel is delivered to The Grasshopper Company everyday. They make mowers and farming equipment that require a lot of steel.

Sunday, Canada imposed a 25-percent tariff on steel and aluminum.

"We have seen prices increase by about 39 percent since January," said Trent Guyer with The Grasshopper Company

Guyer says rising prices for them could mean higher prices for customers, anywhere from 2-3 percent higher.

"While we haven't had any shortages, prices going up will hit us pretty good here in just a little bit."

Grasshopper says it uses about 6,000 tons of steel a year and while most of it is from the U.S, they say they are still impacted by rising prices.

The company is hoping it's a short term increase.

"We stocked heavy seeing this coming in the winter and spring, so we did as best we could. Of course, you will run out of supplies eventually and you'll have to buy at a higher price."

The company says along with tariffs, steel shortages and price increases have been partially affected by high demand for the product and shortage of skilled labor at the steel suppliers to make it.

Grasshopper just hopes things will even out over time.

"We have been around for 60 years, so we have seen ups and downs with weather and things beyond our control. We will have to just deal with it ."