Kansas officials warn of deer crashes as peak season looms

(Photo: National Park Service / License Link)

HUTCHINSON, Kan. (AP) Kansas officials say November is peak season for deer-vehicle collisions, and they're warning drivers not to swerve abruptly to avoid hitting the animal because that could cause more serious crashes.

Ron Kaufman is a spokesman for the state Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. He says deer move more often in the fall because they mate and seek new food sources.

The Hutchinson News reports the state transportation department says deer-related crashes comprised 16.5% of the total vehicle crashes in 2018.

Kansas Highway Patrol Lt. Adam Winters says it's best for a driver to hit a deer if they encounter one, rather than try to avoid it, which can lead to losing control of vehicle or colliding into oncoming traffic.

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10/20/2019 10:23:00 AM (GMT -5:00)