Kansas shelter launches barn program for feral cats


HUTCHINSON, Kan. (AP) An animal shelter in central Kansas is hoping to address rodent problems by using feral cats.

The Hutchinson News reports that the Hutchinson Animal Shelter's Barn Cat Program launched last week. The program matches feral cats with applicants wanting to control rodent populations in barns, warehouses or outdoor structures.

Animal Services Director Stacy Cleaves says the program allows the shelter to save more cats at no cost to applicants. She says the cats are usually independent, but applicants still need to provide food, water and some type of shelter.

Feral cats who are matched with applicants will be neutered, vaccinated and have its ear clipped instead of being euthanized. Clipped ears are an international sign of a wild cat that's been neutered.

Cleaves reminds applicants the cats aren't "going to cuddle with you."


Information from: The Hutchinson (Kan.) News, http://www.hutchnews.com

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