Kentucky man challenges climbers to scale border-wall replica

WKYT/Adam Burniston

A man in Wolfe County Kentucky uses President Donald Trump's comments on the wall under construction on the U.S. southern border to complete a construction project of his own, and with it, present a challenge.

While visiting a portion of the border wall near San Diego last month, President Trump delivered a statement that included the words, "this wall can't be climbed."

The president's words planted the seed for an idea from Kentucky climber, Rick Weber, Lexington CBS station WKYT reports. That idea: to build an exact wooden replica of a small section of the wall under construction on the southern border and challenge climbers to get over the wall during an event called Rocktober.

WKYT reports the replica is 18 feet high with a 60-inch plate at the top.

"You never tell a rock climber something is impossible to climb or someone is going to be trying it," Weber tells WKYT.

The station reports Weber and friends already tested the replica and on Facebook, Weber claims one man needed just 37 seconds to scale the wall, only using a belay rope..

The weekend competition includes challenges of speed and ingenuity for getting over the wall, WKYT reports.

"Speed contests are pretty popular now and we have a category and a trophy awarded for the cleverest, the cleverest technique for getting up and over the wall," Weber tells the station.