Kobach: 'We're getting ready for the big battle ahead'

TOPEKA, Kan. (KWCH) Gov. Jeff Colyer and Kansas Secretary of State and Republican nominee for Governor Kris Kobach held a joint press conference Thursday evening to thank campaign volunteers and rally supporters.

Colyer spoke first saying that despite a "spirited primary" it was time to rally behind the Republican nominee.

"The juice of every party is the people. It's about Republicans. It's about all of who have ideas, who have energy, who have excitement. It's about winning elections," said Colyer.

"We're going to be fully supporting Kris, you all know that," he said. "I know Kris would support me." We are out there, we are going to be fighting for this race because it is so important we have a Republican governor over the next eight years," said Colyer.

He then introduced Kobach as "the next governor of the great state of Kansas."

Kobach thanked Colyer for his support saying he appreciated his character.

After the Aug. 7 primary, Kobach led Colyer by only 191 votes in the Republican primary race for Kansas governor. On Aug. 14, that lead widened to 345 votes. While the race remained closed, Colyer conceded and endorsed Kobach as the Republican nominee.

"We are fighting together for the conservative causes that we believe in," said Kobach about the race and Colyer. "We want to put those principals above us and show our kids, show our grandchildren that these principals are so important that we fight for them, we don't fight for our own self-interest."

Kobach again echoed the call for unity within the Republican party.

"When Republicans in Kansas are divided, Republicans in Kansas lose. But when Republicans in Kansas are unified, Republicans in Kansas are unstoppable," he said.

Kobach addressed the swing in party leadership that sometimes accompanies eight years of leadership by one party.

"When that blue wave approaches Kansas, it's going to hit a rock hard red wall," he said.

Kobach said he will fight to keep Kansas as a pro-life state, uphold second amendment rights, lower taxes, reduce the size of government, and fight for a system where "an unelected supreme court no longer tells the people's representatives how much money to what to spend."

Kobach will face Democrat Laura Kelly, Independent Greg Orman, Independent Rick Kloos, and Libertarian Jeff Caldwell in the November general election.