Kobach addresses efforts to thwart voter fraud during Wichita visit

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach Tuesday touched on several voting-related topics Tuesday at the Sedgwick County Election Office in Wichita. Among the topics Kobach addressed is continued efforts to prevent voter fraud.

Kobach's visit to Wichita came as organizations like the League of Women Voters were out registering people for the upcoming non-partisan municipal elections in November.

Volunteers who spoke with Eyewitness News say it's often difficult to get people to register to vote, or even participate in elections because of Kansas' voter ID laws. But Kobach claims these measures are key to preventing what he says are continued cases of voter fraud.

"We have used mechanisms of photo ID, security for mail-in ballots and proof of citizenship to prevent the types of voter fraud that we can prevent ahead of time," Kobach says. "And the remaining type of voter fraud, we try to deter through prosecutions, and I think we are doing that successfully in Kansas."

Betty Ladwig with the Women League of Voters says there are concerns with "more voting barricades" accompanying legislative sessions.

Those wishing to participate in November's elections for local races like city council and school board need to register by Oct. 17.