LIVE BLOG: Arkansas State vs No. 11 Wichita State

Conner Frankamp will not play tonight due to a migraine. Markis McDuffie will dress but not play.

Tip: Ark State gains possession

17:21 - Shox lead, 7-4. Darral Willis scores first points and Austin Reaves has a three.

16:01 - Shox lead, 15-6 Reaves has 3-straight three's.

15:41 - Shox lead 15-6. Reaves leads all scorers with nine points.

11:43 - Shox lead, 25-17. (This game is over) Willis is having a nice game. Eight points, two reb and 2 ast.
Surprisingly, Landry Shamet has yet to score.

7:59 - Shox lead, 29-28. Well....The Shockers will still win this game but this is not ideal. ASU has made 11-of-16 shots. They're good looks too. WSU has forced 5 turnovers - without those...hoo boy.

3:53 - ASU leads, 42-40.
Hopefully no one believes in a "live blog jinx!" Sheesh. ASU was leading by 5 at one point.

2:15 - ASU leads, 47-40. The locker room should be interesting for WSU at halftime.

Halftime - ASU leads 50-44.

2ND HALF....

Shockers ball

15:47 - ASU leads, 57-52. Zach Brown did not start the half. He hurt his wrist late in the 1st half but did finish the first half on the court.

14:34 - Brown is in the game.

9:05 - Shox lead 67-63. They're asserting themselves inside. Throw the ball down low and this game will be a route in the end.Oh, and play some defense.

3:16 - Shox lead 83-76. Gregg Marshall and Shaq Morris received technicals. Shaq fouls out.

1:43 WSU leads 87-80.

Told ya Wichita State was going to win! (phew.)
Shockers hold on for the 89-80 win.

Samajae Haynes-Jones scored a team-high 27 points.