LIVE BLOG: Oklahoma vs No. 3 Wichita State

Tip: Shockers win tip.

OPENING PLAY: Ally-oop to Shaq and the crowd losses it.
Followed by a fast break dunk by Rashard Kelly.
@INTRUSTarena is going nuts.

15:50 - Oklahoma leads 10-8. Trae Young has 5 points. Shaq Morris leads the Shockers with 4 points.

14:24 - Landry Shamet is 0-for-1 from the field. A 3 point attempt.

11:01 - Shockers trail, 27-21. Trae Young is going to get his points. You just get stop him in all facets of the game. He's too quick and too good of a shooter. He has 16 of OU's 27 pts. That's wild.
Willis, Frankamp and Morris each have 4 points for WSU.

Samajae got a nice applause when he checked-in.

7:50 - Sooners lead, 34-26. OU is shooting 59% from the field and 50% from deep. The Shockers MUST play better defense. OU is getting some very good looks.
WSU has not scored in the last 2:08.

Simply put...Wichita State is a step too slow on the defensive end right now. Trailing, 40-32 with 4:37 in the half.

3:25 - OU leads 43-32.
Trae Young continues to be the best player on the court. 19 points on 7-12 shooting. He is doing what he wants, when he wants.
Landry Shamet has just 3 points on 4 shots.

:55 - 52-37 Oklahoma.

Oklahoma 54
No. 3 Wichita State 39

T. Young: 21 pts
B. Manek: 16 pts
R. Nurger 7 pts
L. Shamet: 5 pts


Shockers coming out with more intensity on the defensive end but having a tough time converting that into point. Trae Young continue to set the defense up and manipulate them into doing what he wants.

Whatever the outcome... it won't be because the crowd was not involved.

Darral Willis picking things up for WSU on the offensive end.

14:02 - Oklahoma leads, 64-50. WSU had a nice run going but OU is in control on both ends making it tough for the Shox to maintain anything and really move the momentum. OU is able to get a bucket when they must.

11:47 Sooners lead, 67-55. OU hasn't scored in the last 2:07. But Wichita State has hit just 1 of their last 7 shots.

6:50 - OU leads, 80-65.
Oklahoma is getting wide open corner 3's anytime they want.

5:36 OU leads 80-67.
Trae Young has 27 points.
Landry Shamet 13 points

3:21 OU leads, 80-69.
Shockers having success in mini bursts but are unable to maintain anything to make a major difference.

Rashard Kelly cuts the lead to 9 with 2:30 to play

1:42 - OU leads 80-71. Oklahoma has not made a shot in 5:30. They've missed their last 7 field goals. Shockers are on an 8-0 run.

Oklahoma wins, 91-83.
The Sooners controlled this game after it was 4-0 Shockers.
Trae Young is the best player in the country and he showed us why today. The freshman finished with 29 points.