Lansing employees to receive additional $400 amid COVID-19 pandemic

Published: May. 3, 2020 at 1:55 PM CDT
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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, employees at the Lansing Correctional Facility will receive an additional $400 per pay period.

The Kansas Department of Corrections says the extra pay is to recognize employees who are working under unprecedented circumstances. Processes related to the pandemic have required significant overtime and effort on the part of many KDOC staff.

The State of Kansas Employee Award and Recognition Program allows the Secretary of Corrections to consider a cash award for Meritorious Service authorized by K.S.A. 75-37,105 for the execution of duties far beyond the service level commonly expected by those we serve and that is of great benefit to, or reflects highly on, the agency or the state.

Secretary Zmuda has authorized the cash award of up to $400 per pay period for all staff physically working at facilities designated to house offenders that have tested positive for COVID-19 and are being housed consistent with COVID19 protocols.

The program is retroactive to the pay period beginning April 5, 2020. The Secretary will assess whether future cash awards are possible after services have been rendered and will review COVID-19 housing designations at the end of every pay period to determine which staff members would be potentially eligible to receive a cash award.

The following conditions will apply:

• The Secretary of Corrections is responsible for the designation of COVID-19

housing locations.

• Employees must be physically at work for all scheduled work days in the pay


• Employees volunteering or filling in gaps from other facilities and departments may be considered for a cash award up to $200 for a full-time week worked.

• Employees working from home are not eligible to receive the award.

• Employees on leave status during the pay period considered are not eligible to receive the award, exceptions may be considered by the appointing authority.

• Employees receiving informal or formal discipline will not be eligible for the award in the pay period discipline is imposed.

• Maximum award for an individual is $3,500 in a fiscal year;

• Award is subject to applicable state and federal taxes.