Law paves way for veterans to get easier access to urgent care

Published: Jul. 10, 2019 at 4:09 PM CDT
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The Robert J. Dole VA Hospital in Wichita announces a healthcare change for veterans that adds options and convenience when it comes to seeing a doctor.

The VA implemented the MISSION Act on June 6. The Dole VA says "one of the lesser known provisions of the law" makes it easier for veterans to get urgent care with their VA benefits.

Specifically, the law "established a new urgent care benefit that allows eligible veterans access to urgent and walk-in care at participating clinics in their communities," the Dole VA says. Previously, veterans could only go to the VA or a hospital emergency room.

The VA says this will give veterans more convenient care for minor injuries and illnesses.

"So, say if they get a cold or say if they get a bee sting or something like that, they can go to those urgent care facilities to get that treated and not have to worry about going to the hospital itself," says Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center Public Affairs Officer Akeam Ashford.

Any veteran can use the program, but they need to be enrolled in the VA health care system. Any veteran not enrolled in the system can contact the VA. You can find a list of participating clinics near you online by entering your zip code in the

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