Leavenworth woman who raped 16-month-old girl sentenced to life in prison

LEAVENWORTH, KS (KWCH) A Leavenworth woman was sentenced to life in prison for the rape of a 16-month-old girl, KCTV reports.


The Leavenworth County Attorney says 41-year-old Mahogany Payne will not be eligible for parole until 25 years from now.

The county attorney’s office filed charges after two incidents with two separate victims happened at Payne’s house while she was babysitting both of the victims.

KCTV reports that on Jan.12 of last year, she was babysitting a 16-month-old girl and penetrated the girl’s vagina causing blunt force penetrating trauma.

The court found Payne guilty of raping the 16-month-old but acquitted her of charges regarding a 5-year-old victim at a trial on Tuesday.

On Friday during her hearing, Payne declined to say anything in addition to the statement her attorney delivered.