Andover pageant winner shares message of kindness, acceptance

A 9-year-old Andover girl is using her pageant title to spread an important message o kindness.

Averie Mountain currently carries the title of "Little Miss Princess of America." With the platform, she's taking time to speak at schools about loving and accepting children with special needs.

This week, Averie visited a Pre-K class at Andover's Martin Elementary School which includes children with disabilities and other children called "role model kids" who assist and socialize with them.

"My overall message is just that everyone is different. No one is the same and that makes us all unique," Avery says.

In the Martin Elementary classroom, Avery read the young students a book and introduced them to "Trey," a puppet named after her friend who has Down Syndrome.

"Since I was 3, I've been working with my mom's special-needs cheer team at her gym and I've grown up with all the special-needs kids and I've learned to love them for who they are and look past their differences," Averie says.

When she grows up, Averie says she wants to be a special education teacher.