Create Campaign helps minority owned businesses in Wichita, Kansas City advance

Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 3:17 PM CDT
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is a Wichita nonprofit that helps minority-owned businesses launch and expand. The organization has already helped hundreds of African American and Hispanic Latino entrepreneurs persist in their businesses.

Christina Long, President and CEO of Create Campaign, said she created the nonprofit specifically to help minority businesses succeed through networking events, workshops, mentor matching, and the availability of a microloan fund.

"Having a place where people can come, they feel comfortable, they see people that look like them, they've been through their experience, but also, who understand what it takes to be able to take our experience and be able to access mainstream resources so that we can be a full entrepreneurship community. That is what we're about," said Long.

She said since its beginnings, the Create Campaign has supported more than 300 African American and Hispanic Latino entrepreneurs in Wichita and 125 more in the Kansas City, Kansas area.

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