Local attorney looks into impact of executive order on immigration

Published: Jan. 30, 2017 at 7:34 PM CST
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President Trump's immigration ban that limits travel from seven countries has affected people in Wichita, many of them at Wichita State University.

There are 41 students at Wichita State, in the United States under visa from the seven predominantly Muslim countries identified in the president's order. The list includes Syria, Somalia, Sudan Yemen, Libya, Iraq and Iran. All 41 students are in Wichita for the semester, but if any of them wish to go home, their ability to return could be jeopardized.

Monday, Eyewitness News spoke with an immigration attorney who says there is a lot of chaos surrounding the temporary travel ban, and is concerned how the executive order will play out.

"The whole implementation of this has come in chaotic and very sudden form," immigration attorney Greg Beuke says. "People when they left were fine, and when they landed, things changed. Things are different now."

Beuke says he has a lot of questions.

"Basically too many," he says. "There's very much confusion and gray area how this is actually going to be implemented."

Some of Beuke's clients impacted by President Trump's executive order were in the middle of applying for visas. The order puts a halt to that process for 90 days and indefinitely for people from Syria. But Beuke wants to know what happens after that.

"It's not too clear what the situation is, if there'll be decisions on applications, failing to issue the visa, or no decision at this point," he says.

Another question Beuke has is how the vetting process for immigrants will change after the 90-day ban.

For permanent US residents from the seven countries listed, Beuke recommends not traveling for now. He even warns U.S. citizens about traveling to the countries on the list, saying they might be subject to scrutiny upon returning home.

At WSU, the school also recommends students from countries listed in the executive order not travel for now. The school says the situation is changing fast and it's in the best interest of all students from Muslim-majority countries to stay in the U.S. for now.