Local body shops busy after latest round of winter weather

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A winter storm impacting much of Kansas didn't linger for more than a few hours overnight Wednesday into Thursday morning, but the snowfall paired with diving temperatures well below freezing led to a mess on streets and highways in Wichita.

The city says the salt crews put down to treat the roads became less effective after the temperature dropped to about 20 degrees Wednesday night. The situation led to a lot of crashes and an influx of calls to local body shops.

"We're so busy, we're booked up til the middle of March," says Mike Hutchinson, owner of Mike's Body Shop.

It's a similar situation at Auto Works Collision Center. Both Wichita shops expect more calls to come in following the most recent storm.

Auto Works Collision Center Manager Chris Chippeaux says many of the vehicles currently in the shop have damage from prior storms.

While in the business of working on cars, Hutchinson and Chippeaux say ultimately, they want people to be safe.

"When you're driving of course, don't use your cell phone. Don't do anything like that," Chippeaux says. "Be aware of your surroundings and really, just pay attention and slow down."