Wichita company looks to expand, continue helping those with difficulty finding employment

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WICHITA, Kan. Martin Interconnect Services stays busy with the constant hum of machines and the people who run them.

Many at the cable and wiring company faced difficulty finding employment elsewhere due to lack of skills, disability, criminal convictions, or language barriers.

"We remove those barriers and we allow them to come into our training program. And we train those employees and we usually offer them an opportunity," said Martin human resource manager Erica Davis.

Davis also says "Martin's Training and Staffing Solutions" partners with programs like Wichita Work Release, the Kansas Department for Children and Families and Kansas Vocational Rehabilitation Services... to help find people jobs within Martin Interconnect.

Jeffrey Kinney says he's benefited from the training program.

"Yeah, when I first started, I was kind of living with my parents and everything like that," Kinney said. "And being able to grow here to my own place and all that, being able to take care of my family really means a lot,"

Now the company is looking to grow and that means more jobs for those who otherwise might not find work in Wichita.

Davis believes Martin couldn't keep progressing without some of the its key values...such as diversity, integrity and accountability.

"We've seen tremendous differences in their lives and people are able to keep jobs and grow professionally, even move on to different positions and different organizations and I think that's what keeps me here and that's what this organization is about," Davis said.

The new Martin Interconnect building, which will be at 3001 E. Harry, will allow the company to increase by 150 employees in five years. The space is about five times bigger than the current location at 1801 S. Mead.