Doctor explains possibility of overdose from drug residue on shopping cart

Thousands of you have been talking about a post from an Arkansas Police Department. The post encourages you to wipe your shopping cart handle before touching it because of the drug problem going on. It says if someone using Fentanyl touches the handle and leaves behind residue, it could cause you to overdose, if you touch it. It also says if kids are exposed, it could be deadly.

So can you overdose from drug residue left on a shopping cart? We asked Dr. Gregory Lakin with The Center for Change, an opioid addiction treatment center.

He says the opioid problem is huge and some types are very strong.

"They need to be aware of this danger, it's out there," said Lakin.

Although, he says he hasn't heard of anyone being exposed by a shopping cart. Lakin says it's a stretch, but wiping off your cart wouldn't hurt.

"There are greater risks out there to be aware of, other than a shopping cart."

The police department has since taken the post down. Lakin says first responders and firefighters are sometimes exposed when they are in contact with someone who overdosed and can get symptoms of an overdose themselves.