Drought eased for Kansas farmers with blizzard

GARDEN PLAIN, Kan. (KWCH) The latest drought map shows most of the state facing a low to moderate drought with the southwest corner seeing extreme to exceptional drought.

Eyewitness News talked with a wheat farmer who says at this point, any moisture, even in blizzard form will help this year's crop.

Jon Kerschen grows wheat, corn, and soybeans in south-central Kansas.

He says he planted his wheat crop late in the fall due to the lack of rain in the area.

Since there's been so little rain, Kerschen says he hasn't seen a measurable amount of moisture since October.

"The ground is essentially the same way we left it. We planted it in October, but it hasn't rained enough to even settle the dust. The wheat is here, it's established but it's not fully tillered."

He says the blizzard conditions in northwest Kansas will do more good than harm to the wheat crop there.

"You know, if you could just cover this field with six inches of snow, that would be terrific for the wheat. It would get it insulated from the cold and that slow moisture would soak in. That'd be great and welcome sign to have some snow on top of a field right now."

When it comes to moisture, snow and rain aren't the same. For every three inches of snowfall, you'd get around a quarter inch of rain depending on how wet it is.