Local restaurant offering food kits for families

A Wichita business wants to deliver food straight to your home. Ben Arnold owns Corporate Caterers and AVI Seabar and Chophouse.

He’s offering food kits that he says cost less than what you’d pay at a grocery store. Arnold says the goal is to help people who are in need right now.

His business was forced to lay off workers because of the pandemic, but he hopes to stay open as long as possible.

"Before it even started happening,” Arnold said, “I started telling people to prepare that for us financially and for them, this was going to be a catastrophic event that would take deep into the summer for us to recover from and them to recover from as well."

Arnold says the food kits can feed a family of four for seven days. Each kit is $110, plus a delivery fee.

If you’re interested, you can contact the restaurant at (316) 262-3300 or by email at info@aviwichita.com.

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