Local vape shops concerned with potential ban of e-cigarette flavors

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Local vape shops express concerns in response to Wednesday's news from the White House with President Trump saying he'll propose a ban on flavors used in e-cigarettes.

Some say it possibly could put them out of business. The Center for Disease Control calls e-cigarettes dangerous and recommends staying away from them altogether.

But Lucky's Vape and Smoke Shop co-owner Kevin Nguyen says it's not the products at shops that are dangerous, it's what people are putting into the e-cigarettes.

"From my understanding, it's linked to other stuff as far as THC, cartridge and stuff like that that's made in the black market," Nguyen says.

He says there are more than 300 vaping flavors. If the Food and Drug Administration regulates that and limits options only to tobacco flavors, he says that could ruin the industry.

He expressed the concern that this could lead customers to quitting vaping altogether or going back to smoking cigarettes.