Long-nose snake helps Grant County gain wind farm

GRANT COUNTY, Kan. (KWCH) One western Kansas county is getting a boost in its economy and it's all because of a snake.

Several years ago, the Buffalo Dunes Wind Farm Project was being planned in Finney County.

It had to be moved after a long-nose snake was found in the area. The snake is protected under state law.

Instead of disturbing the snake's habitat, the project moved to Grant County.

Officials there says it brought in more money for schools and other projects in the county.

"We got more than Finney. Haskell got more than us and it's ok you know," said Bob Dale, Grant County Economy Director. "We would love to have all 120 towers in Grant County but they're going to go where the wind is. They're going to go where they can get the land. We got something out of it so we are happy with that."

Grant County says it's happy to see how people in the area have accepted the wind towers and it hopes they continue to expand throughout Kansas.