Louisville, Ky. councilman proposes animal abuse registry

LOUISVILLE, Kan. (KWCH) A Louisville councilman wants to create an animal abuse registry to prevent future animal abuse.

Councilman Brandon Coan tells CBS-affiliate WLKY he's seen too many cases of abuse. He says Kentucky ranks last in terms of animal protection laws.

“It breaks your heart and it's horrific. You don’t even want to read the news or hear the story on TV because it’s hard to imagine people could be so cruel and violent towards creatures that are so loving, loyal and faithful,” Coan said.

Coan said the registry is meant to prevent people have harmed animals from doing it again. Anyone convicted of an animal abuse crime would have to register two years after release from jail or prison.

In February, the Associated Press reported 11 states were considering animal abuse registry bills.

Coan said it only costs a few hundred dollars. He hopes to have the council on board to implement the registry next spring.