Low unemployment rate creates unique challenge for McPherson

MCPHERSON, Kan. Out-of-state license plates are becoming more common in McPherson with more industrial jobs available and people coming from outside the community and the state to work.

Forbes named McPherson as one of the top five manufacturing cities in the U.S.

"We've been successful in being able to draw folks," says McPherson City Administrator Nick Gregory.

The most recent quarterly report in McPherson shows a 2-percent unemployment rate.

"May seem low, but we've done a good job of pulling people from all parts of the state," Gregory says.

McPherson has thrived as some areas in the country have been hit with recession. A unique issue comes with the low unemployment rate creating a higher demand for housing.

"We recently partnered with a company to do a housing study in McPherson," Gregory says. "We are trying to find better ways to accommodate our industry here as well."

Many people working in McPherson have found a temporary solution, staying in hotels or campers.

Ed Dent, leading a project at the CHS Refinery, says his coworkers live in RV's at campgrounds near McPherson. He says his company does try to hire local workers as much as possible, especially for bigger jobs.

"It helps the local economy and it helps us as well," Dent says.