'Lucky Tree' off K96 damaged over the weekend

Published: Jun. 20, 2016 at 1:19 PM CDT
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The future of a tradition, that some say has been around for decades, could be in jeopardy because of Mother Nature.

Just off K-96, near Maize, there's a large cottonwood tree. There are those that know this tree and believe in it. It goes by many names, the Lucky Tree, the Hugging Tree, the Kissing Tree. Regardless of the name, its fans are concerned because it was recently damaged.

Trees are not usually this popular. At least, not popular enough to be honked at, cared about or have a Facebook group dedicated to it with more than 4,600 members.

The history of the tree is a little murky, with several versions about how the cottonwood got it's name and fame.

Recent posts to the Facebook page show there are a lot of people who are worried about damage done over the weekend to the tree. Tree branches and limbs were snapped off.

For a tree that some say goes back nearly 100 years, it's hard to think about how many storms it's seen.

Some posts and pictures from Monday morning show KDOT removing the fallen limbs.

While the tree appears to have survived this latest storm, it's fans are worried.

One post from an administrator says they're trying make sure the tree's future is not in jeopardy of being torn down.

Because for many this is not just any tree, and it's not just their tree, it's everyone's Kissing, wishing, honking, hugging, good luck tree.