Additional federal charges filed in deadly swatting case

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A man accused in 2017 deadly swatting incident in Wichita is facing additional charges.

Shane Gaskill is one of three men charged in the swatting incident that led to the death of Andrew Finch back in December.

On May 23, Gaskill was charged with one count of obstruction of justice, one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice and one count of wire fraud. Tuesday, he was charged with two additional counts of wire fraud and one additional count of making a false statement to the FBI.

Federal prosecutors say Casey Viner recruited Tyler Barriss to make a false 911 call aimed at swatting Gaskill. That call led police to the home of Finch. Believing they were responding to a deadly hostage situation, police shot and killed Finch.

According to the federal indictment, the new wire fraud charges against Gaskill allege that after police responded to Finch's home, Gaskill sent two more messages to Barriss. One said: “Do you wanna try again?” In another, Gaskill gave Barriss an IP address he claimed Barriss could use to launch another swatting assault on him. The indictment alleges the IP address did not belong to Gaskill, and Gaskill knew it.

The indictment goes on to say Gaskill lied to law enforcement when they questioned him about daring Barriss to “try again”. It states Gaskill told the officer the IP address was one of his “old” IP addresses when it actually belonged to another person in Kansas.

If convicted on the new counts, Gaskill faces up to 20 years in federal prison and a fine up to $250,000 for wire fraud and up to five years and a fine up to $250,000 on each count of making a false statement to the FBI.

Gaskill and Viner are set for trial in federal court on Sept. 4.

Barriss remains in the Sedgwick County jail on charges of involuntary manslaughter, interference with a law enforcement officer and giving false alarm. He's set to go to trial on Oct. 1.