Man finds $43K in couch he bought from store

Published: Jan. 17, 2020 at 12:14 PM CST
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A Michigan man got a big surprise when he purchased a new piece of furniture.

Last month, Howard Kirby bought a couch for his man cave and this weekend, he made a shocking discovery.

The couch was filled with thousands of dollars in cash.

I still have to pinch myself, to make sure I’m not dreaming or something,” said Kirby.

Kirby said he had the ottoman for a few weeks before noticing it was uncomfortable. That’s when his daughter decided to open it up.

A total of 43,170 was found in the ottoman cushion.

Kirby says he he didn't feel right keeping the money, so he reached out to the Habitat for Humanity restore to find out who had donated the couch.

It turns out, it was Kim Fauth-Newberry. The couch originally belonged to her grandfather, who died last year.

Kirby says an attorney told him he had no legal obligation to give the money back, but he felt that he had to Morally.

“I always thought what would I do if that ever happened and now I know. And it makes me feel good,” said Kirby.

He said he could’ve use the money to buy a new roof, but he feels better knowing that the money is in the rightful hands.

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