Man issues warning to fellow drivers after N. Wichita pothole heavily damages car

Published: Jan. 29, 2020 at 6:22 PM CST
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Wichita isn't unique in its challenge to keep up with street maintenance and fill potholes that can potentially become dangerous.

One problem area in north Wichita, on Hydraulic between 37th and 45th Streets north, left extensive damage to Benjamin Lloyd's car.

"We were heading northbound, and halfway in between 37th and 45th on Hydraulic, hit a big pothole," Lloyd says. "I mean, just massive, basically like a mini asteroid, just a crater in the ground. And we heard a "boom," I mean, extremely loud."

Lloyd says he knew right away something was wrong with his car.

"I start to feel my car pulling to the right, so we got out of my car and the tire was completely shredded, already," he says.

Lloyd says this also happened to the mother of a friend of his.

"My friend who was in the car with me, it happened to his mom a year ago in the same spot, and she had $2,500 damage. So we called her right away," he says.

The city took action to patch the pothole after Lloyd's experience, but he says they should take the time for a long-term fix.

"Instead of doing the quick-fix patch, maybe they should close the road, maybe for a month, or however long it takes, and just do a long-term fix," he says.

After his experience, Lloyd says he wants to warn other drivers about the dangers of the potholes that have developed on the stretch of North Hydraulic.

"If I were anyone, I would avoid that road like the plague," he says.

The City of Wichita does warn that potholes get worse in cold weather. It says crews patch about 65,000 potholes each year and once someone reports a pothole it's usually patched the same day.

During business hours (weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) drivers can report potholes they see in the city at

or by calling 316-268-4013.