Man recounts being subject of fake police call in Maize

MAIZE, Kan. It wasn't called "swatting," but Maize police last September dealt with a fake 911 call.

Gregg Young called Eyewitness News following the situation at the Kwik Shop in Maize. Young says he was sitting in his pick up truck outside the store when he heard someone shout at him to get out.

He says several Maize police officers surrounded his truck with their guns pointed at him.

Young says he asked police what he'd done. He did nothing wrong, but that fact was not yet known by police responding to the call.

"Finally they came over and they told me they got a call the convenience store was being robbed," Young says. "And I said, "Well, look in there. There's the clerk I just dealt with."

Police say they believe a man made the fake call to divert officers who were trying to serve an arrest warrant. Police tracked down a suspect and presented the case to the district attorney's office for charges.

Maize police say the situation last September could have ended like the swatting call in Wichita where an unarmed man was shot and killed by an officer.