Man uses musical gift to get on his feet in Wichita, entertain mall shoppers

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) The next time you walk into Von Maur at Wichita's Towne East Square mall, you might hear live music from professional musician Dewayne Zachary on the piano.

Zachary is known for being a professional saxophone player whose opened up for a variety of acts including Blink 182, Cece Winans, Ginuine, and many more.

How did he end up playing inside Wichita's east side mall? It's a combination of his passion for music and a happy accident.

From California, he moved to Wichita to be near his children. One day he played a little on Von Maur's grand piano, but didn't do so with the intent of attracting attention.

"I played a couple of keys for about 10 seconds and then I kept on going out the door," he says. "But the manager stopped and said, 'hey.'"

Zachary wasn't in trouble. He received a job offer he accepted. He's been playing at Von Maur for six months and people are tuning in more as they shop.

When he first arrived in Wichita early this year, Zachary, 41, was homeless for his first two months. He almost gave up, but his children inspired him to get back on his feet.

"Keep fighting, keep doing what you need to do," he says. "If you have kids, have family, there's always somebody depending on you," he says. "And I got kids that are looking up to me, right, and I can't give up."

Zachary says he'd never stepped foot in Kansas before moving.

"I didn't know anybody, so for me to get back on my feet within not even two months' time is nothing short of a miracle," he says.

The melodies, like his life, are becoming a tune he's grateful he gets to play.

"It's the best job I ever had in my life," Zachary says of entertaining shoppers at Von Maur. "I don't do nothing but play piano."