Affidavit: Man who crashed at Koch residence battles mental illness, drug addiction

Published: Feb. 7, 2019 at 5:57 PM CST
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We're learning more about the man who drove onto the property of businessman Chase Koch last month and rammed the patrol vehicle of a responding Wichita police officer.

According to an arrest affidavit, on Jan. 15, Wichita police were called to the residence located at 2000 N. Greenwich for a suspicious vehicle that was trying to gain entrance to the property. The caller also said the driver of the vehicle had rammed a security vehicle after being denied access at the entry of the property.

An officer arrived and made contact with the security guard who had parked his Chevy Suburban behind a silver Mercedes Benz. The security guard told the officer the driver, later identified as Aron White, was trying to gain access to the property for a second time that day. He said the man claimed he lived at the residence.

The officer talked to White and confirmed his identity with his Kansas Driver's License. The officer said he noticed White was not acting normal and that he had a backpack on his lap. As the officer tried to talk to White, he said he put his Mercedes in drive and crashed through the gate.

The officer said White sped through the property, driving recklessly through the yard at high speeds. Both the security guard and the officer pursued White onto the property. The officer had his lights and sirens on.

At one point, the officer said he could see the Mercedes' headlights in the distance. He then noticed the car driving back towards where he and the security guard were parked.

The officer said he thought White was going to hit the security vehicle, instead White rammed the front passenger corner of the officer's patrol vehicle causing the airbags to deploy.

The officer said he could hear the Mercedes' engine revving and felt his patrol car be rammed for a second time. He said he feared for his safety and was going to fire his duty weapon at the front windshield of the Mercedes, but it drove past and back towards the front of the property.

The officer said he suffered some minor bruises and burns to his left hand from the airbags deploying.

The affidavit says White continued driving on the property until he hit a small tree, disabling the Mercedes. Other officers who arrived on the scene arrested White. They found syringes and spoons commonly used to prepare drugs in his backpack.

Officers interviewed a man who was in the car with White at the time of the incident. He told them he was panhandler and White had given him $100 a few days ago and his phone number. He said White told him to call him if he needed anything.

The man said he called White earlier in the day and told him it was getting cold and he could use a motel room. He said White picked him up from Quik Trip at Harry and Seneca, gave him a wad of cash and told him he just wanted him to ride with him.

The man said White drove to the residence on Greenwich, pulled up to the intercom, identified himself and said he lived at the residence. The man said someone came out, likely the security guard, and told White to get off the property.

The man said White put his Mercedes in reverse and rammed a vehicle behind them. The man said he told White he wanted to get out of the car, and in a calm voice, White told him, "it's alright."

The man said White then put the Mercedes in drive and rammed through the gate of the property driving very fast. The man said he thought he was going to die. He said White had a "sinister" laugh and a weird look on his face.

The man said White struck several things on the property. The car finally stopped when it struck something hard and a small tree. The man said he was pleading to get out of the car and didn't know that they had struck a police officer's patrol vehicle. EMS checked out the man, he was not hurt.

Detectives interviewed White who said he been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression. He also said he was addicted to opiates.

The next morning, White's ex-wife called police and said she had heard about his arrest on the news. She said their divorce had recently been finalized. She also confirmed his bipolar disorder, depression and pill addiction. She said White had been acting strange and claimed to own The Alley Indoor Entertainment. White's ex-wife said he had prior incidents of threatening suicide. She said she did not know why he wanted to get onto the Koch property.

Chase Koch declined to file charges related to the property damage in the case.

White is currently being held in the Sedgwick County jail on multiple charges including aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer, flee and elude, aggravated assault, criminal trespassing, criminal restraint, criminal damage to property and possession of drug paraphernalia.