Repair shop fixes windows for homeless man who helped Chiefs player out of snow


A homeless man who helped rescue people during Saturday's snowstorm is now getting some much-needed help.

Dave Cochran gained notoriety after he helped Kansas City Chiefs lineman Jeff Allen when his car got stuck in the snow.

After the good deed, Allen took to Twitter to try and find "Dave". He wanted to give him tickets to Sunday's AFC Championship against the New England Patriots.

KMBC 9 reports that now, a local repair shop has stepped up to replace the windows in Dave's SUV for free. It's the same black Suburban Dave used to help Jeff and so many others last Saturday.

Dave said he and his girlfriend have been living in their SUV since falling on hard times.

We're sure that more is in store for this Good Samaritan.


A random act of kindness has netted AFC Championship tickets for a man called Dave who helped dig a Kansas City Chief out of the snow.

Offensive lineman Jeff Allen posted on Twitter that his car got stuck as he was heading to Arrowhead Stadium to take on the Indianapolis Colts in Saturday's playoff. Allen says "a nice guy named Dave," who didn't know he was a Chief, got him back on the road.

The Chicago native asked his 21,000-plus followers to help him track down the Good Samaritan so he could reward him with tickets.

Hundreds of people replied - many claiming to be Dave - and thousands retweeted the plea.

On Sunday, Allen tweeted that he has found the real Dave "despite the recent influx in people changing their name to Dave in the KC area lol."

If you want to help Dave, KCTV5 has contact info here

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