Marion County man recovering after spending more than day stuck on muddy road

MARION COUNTY, Kan. A Marion County man continues his recovery after spending more than a day stuck in a hot, muddy situation.

When that man, 75-year-old David Schneider didn't come home last Friday night (July 5), family and sheriff's deputies got to work. Saturday morning, the missing person search spread throughout the state of Kansas.

Meanwhile Schneider was stuck in a ditch, just a few miles from his Lincolnville home. Schneider managed to get out of his car, but slipped, fell. His problems were just beginning.

"He had some surgeries in the last couple years and once he got on the ground, he couldn't get back up," says Travis Wilson, a sergeant with the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

Schneider was stuck for about a day and a half before finally catching a break.

"A gentleman was out checking oil wells that morning (Saturday) and he had noticed the car," says.

And then he saw something else.

"A pair of arms waving," Wilson says. "He went over to investigate and found the man everyone had been looking for."

Schneider was covered in mosquito bites and his truck was still stuck in the mud. But Wilson says, he was otherwise okay.

"Said he was thirsty, but other than that, he was still pretty ornery," Wilson says.

Schneider received treatment at a local hospital, but is still doing well, Wilson says.

"He was alright. He was still cheerful. That's the best we can ask for,' he says.