Mayor Longwell joins President Trump for infrastructure meeting

WASHINGTON. (KWCH) Wichita's mayor will travel to the nation's capitol to discuss improving local infrastructure.

Mayor Longwell will join an infrastructure meeting tomorrow as part of President Trump's $1.5 trillion plan to improve roads, highways and airports.

One local official told Eyewitness News that money from the federal government will go to good use to upgrade ground transportation.

President Trump's infrastructure plan will use 200 billion dollars in federal money to help local and state governments improve infrastructure.

In Sedwick County, some of the main projects that could use federal funding include the final three phases of the Kellogg project, improvements for the safety of the North Junction where I-135, I-235, K-96 and K-254 meet, and creating a Northwest Bypass.

One Sedgwick county commissioner says he hopes Longwell's meeting in Washington tomorrow will help bring that money to the county and overall improve Kansas highways.

"I think we have renewed hope that with some of the discussion happening out of the administration that we're hoping there will be some new dollars available for infrastructure for Kansas and we hope to get some of those dollars to the Wichita area," says Jim Howell.

County commissioner Howell says without federal funding, highway improvements could take lifetimes of discussion, planning and eventful completion.