Mayor launches program to offer free WiFi to Wichitans

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Our world is more connected than ever before. For some internet access is a luxury and it's easy to feel disconnected when you can't afford it.

Angela Yanor says not everyone knows how to use a computer and depending on where you're from, she says no one shows you how to use one.

"You can't make a city grow if half of the population or your poorer population can't grow with you because you leave your community behind," said Yanor.

Yanor says she goes to the library every time she wants to check her Facebook page. Data shows, she's not alone.

One in every four households in the Wichita area does not have access to the internet, according to a study cited by Mayor Jeff Longwell.

In efforts to improve the gap, he launched a program that will provide free hotspots to anyone in Wichita. You just have to be 18 years old or older.

There are 20 hotspots available at the Atwater Community Resource Center, 2755 E. 19th St. and 20 more at the Colvin Community Resource Center, 2820 S. Roosevelt. They can be checked out for two weeks at a time.

The hotspots do have privacy filters set up to prevent any access to adult content.