McPherson Co. boy dies in tractor accident

Published: May. 8, 2017 at 10:43 AM CDT
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A young boy is dead after falling off of a tractor in McPherson County Friday.

It happened at around 8:45 in the evening southwest of Inman.

McPherson County Sheriff Investigator Captain Doug Anderson says Nine-year-old Cayden Avery was mowing the lawn with his dad when they struck something that jarred the tractor.

Cayden fell off and was struck by the tractor. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Captain Anderson says the boy's father was taken to the hospital for emotional trauma.

This is the second tractor-related death in McPherson County in less than a year. Another young boy died back in November.

Cayden Avery was a third grader at Buhler Elementary School. Monday, counselors were available at his school to help Buhler's staff, Cayden's friends and classmates.

"A lot of people knew him and loved him," Buhler Elementary School Principal Mike Bryan says. "We wanted to take care of, not only his family, but we also wanted to take care of the students that really had a lot of memories of him."

Bryan says Cayden was very involved in school activities. Cayden's family says they want to celebrate his life, rather than mourn his death.

You can help support Cayden's family here: