McPherson County Sheriff's Office warns of possible scam involving fake parking tickets

MCPHERSON COUNTY, Kan. The McPherson County Sheriff's Office warns drivers to be aware of an apparent scam involving fake parking tickets.

The sheriff's office says it recently learned someone received a fake ticket for a parking violation. Whoever wrote the bogus ticket claimed it was from the McPherson County Sheriff's Office.

"The ticket instructions say to contact the McPherson County Sheriff's Office within 10 days if you feel it was wrongfully issued," the sheriff's office says. "The citations we issue go through the district court and the county attorney is the only one who can dismiss actual citations. This citation could be a scam and is a fake."

The citation shows it was issued by a deputy with the number 221.

"Deputy 221" does not exist with our agency,'" the McPherson County Sheriff's Office says.

The sheriff's office says the fake ticket was left on a vehicle inside a white envelope.

"Feel free to contact us by telephone or in person if you aren't quite sure if your citation is real or fake," the sheriff's office says.