McPherson County Humane Society struggles with 'cat crisis'

Published: Oct. 8, 2019 at 9:03 PM CDT
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The McPherson County Humane Society asks for help with what it calls "a cat crisis."

This week, the shelter posted on its Facebook page saying people have dropped off a record number of cats this year and it's running out of resources to take care of them.

The McPherson County Humane Society is a non profit just for cats, It runs on donations alone.

With more than 60 cats already filling the shelter and people dropping them off every day on the shelter's porch, it can't take in any more cats, it says.

"Every cat that comes through our door first gets treated for fleas and that's about $20 and by the time we handle the vaccinations, the tests, spay and neuter and everything we do to each and every cat, it's upward of $100, and that's if they're healthy," says McPherson County Humane Society Treasurer Mary Steffes.

The shelter nurses sick and injured cats like Jace, who was found with a leg hanging by a thread. The McPherson County Humane Society says it raised more than $800 on Facebook to pay for an amputation needed to save Jace. While donations of money, food and volunteering help the shelter stay open, Steffes says responsible pet ownership is key to reducing the problem.

"The main thing is be productive on the front end and be a responsible pet owner," she says. "If you can't afford to have a pet, then don't have a pet, and if something happens in your life, take some action on your part and try to find a solution before you just dump your pet on somebody's doorstep."

You can help the shelter keep up with the demand and help more cats find homes by donating to the