McPherson man pulls two snakes from grill


Daniel Schwindt knows a lot about snakes. He knows more than most people care to know. He even volunteers his time in the McPherson area to remove and identify snakes for anyone.

Schwindt recently helped remove two snakes from the back of a grill.

"When I pulled it out, there were two heads and it turned out to be a male and female pair," said Schwindt.

He's not doing it for money, he doesn't get paid at all. He even helps out when officers get calls involving snakes.

"I can't imagine all the little things that law enforcement gets called for that isn't really in their job description."

He says after weeks of heavy rain and flooding, you might be seeing more snakes around, but he says not to worry, most aren't venomous.

He says right now, a lot of snakes have been driven out of their normal habitats. While many of you might hiss at Schwindt's hobby, he says he's happy to help.

"Oh yeah this is a blast for me, it really allows me to handle the snakes and not keep snakes."

Schwindt says he takes anywhere from one to two calls a week. He does this with another full-time job. He says if you need help identifying a snake you see, you can contact him on his Facebook page called McPherson Area Snake Removal.